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Rod Building & Maintenance Products

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Rod Bond

Two part epoxy for rod builders.
No slump, no runs.
Can be drilled, tapped, machined, etc.
For joining all rod components. Tough, durable and flexible.

U40-9 4 oz. (2, 2-oz. jars)
U40-98 8 oz. (2, 4-oz. jars)
U40-932 32 oz. (2, 16-oz. jars)

Perma Gloss

The master's choice for fine rod finishing.
Water clear, non-yellowing ever.
No mixing, short dry time, perfect for salt water.
Ideal for light rods where a hi-build is offensive.

U40-1 Perma Gloss 1-oz.
U40-14 Perma Gloss 4-oz.

Cork Seal

Designed to seal the surface of cork rod handles.
Enhances that cork feel.
Toughens the cork to aid in prevention of sloughing & chipping of the cork surface.
Dirt & grime easily wash off.

U40-3 Cork Seal 2-oz.

Fast Cast

Fly line lubricant, cleaner & floatant.
Keeps line like new.

U40-10 Fast Cast 1-oz.

Ferrule Lube

Ferrule anti-seize.
Designed to eliminate sticking, worn, or wobbly ferrules.
Leaves no surface build up.

U40-4 Ferrule Lube 1-oz.

Diamond Plate

Technological breakthrough in wipe on coatings.
Repels saltwater, dirt, blood, scales, etc.
Makes rods easier to wipe clean.

U40-15 Diamond Plate 1/2-oz.

Rod Cleaner

For cork handles, reel seats, rod shafts, etc.

U40-16 Rod Cleaner 1-oz.