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Struble Downlocking Fly Reel Seats

D1 Deluxe
Downlocking version of the DELUXE top-of-the-line seat. Specially designed round threads and a one-piece diamond knurled hooded lock nut. Retainer is formed nickel silver, highly polished, with aluminum end cap. Supplied with wood barrel insert and transition ring.

D1C - 360 Bore
Bright Clear Hardware
D1B - 360 Bore
Black Hardware

D1 Skeleton
Only the metal hardware from the D1 Deluxe reel seat. We stock these for the craftsman who enjoys turning his own wood barrel insert or whatever mid body insert desired may be added.

Bright Clear Hardware
$21.95 ea.
Black Hardware
$21.95 ea.

G Downlock
Every effort has been made to make this seat as slim in profile and as light as possible. It features precision craftsmanship and is furnished with wood insert of your choice, and in either bright clear or black hardware.

GDC - 360 Bore
Bright Clear Hardware
GDB - 360 Bore
Black Hardware

D2 Deluxe
Designed with raised finely knurled end cap and slip ring, oil finished teakwood barrel insert which has been routed to receive the reel foot. Recommended for smaller rods and use with reels having a narrow foot. (Not recommended for use with Pfleuger Reel.) Aluminum transition ring which is placed between cork and teak wood insert gives this beautifully designed seat the final touch of elegance. Available with black, bright, clear, or nickel silver hardware.

Clear Hardware
Bright Hardware
Black Hardware
Nickel Silver Hardware

D8 Downlocking Nickel Silver
Designed especially for those who must have only the finest available. All the metal parts of this elegant reel seat are made of nickel silver tubing and solid stock. The body has fine threads that lock securely with the nut. The wood barrel insert is high gloss Cocobolo. Any other wood inserts must be special ordered. Skeleton (hardware only) is also available.

360 bore
Skeleton Only

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