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Struble Fighting Butts

Fighting Butts for Struble Seats U1, U8 & G
Fighting butt has 1-1/2" cork section body. The male sleeve slides into reel seat and has two "O" rings on the sleeve which ensures a tight fit. The "O" ring also makes for easy on and off. Butt tack on rear. Bright clear or black hardware.

FB1C - for U1 reel seats
Clear hardware
FB1B - for U1 reel seats
Black hardware
FBGC - for G reel seats
Clear hardware
FBGB - for G reel seats
Black hardware
FB8 - for U8 reel seats
Nickle Silver

Fighting Butts for U6 & U7 Seats
FBK7 - Fighting butt for the U6 Fly Seat or the U7 Fly Seat. Supplied as a kit unassembled with rubber butt cap to fit over plastic receiver, three cork rings, 3" metal dowel which can be replaced with any length for a longer fighting butt, black anodized aluminum butt plug with two "O" rings for a snug fit.

FB6 - Very similar to the FBK7 except a small profile fighting butt for the U6 reel seat. It has a butt plate on the bottom of the cork rings instead of a butt cap. The weight of this butt is also a great deal less. Only for the U6 seat.

FBK7 Kit

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