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 Maybe you're wondering why we would change something that, over the years, has proven to be a real customer favorite. At Sage, our philosophy is simple: If you can make something better, you do it. That's why we're extremely proud to introduce our new SLT rod blank series. Inspired by the classic, medium fast taper and ultra smooth action of our popular SP Series, SLT rod blanks will delight anglers who prefer a longer, more relaxed casting rhythm. The all new design, along with our latest slim line ferrule technology, dramatically reduce wight while allowing us to build a series of 2 piece, 4 piece and 5 piece rod blanks that perform so smoothly, you may forget there are any ferrules at all. At the same time every SLT rod blank is made with Graphite IIIe, for the high lone speed and power you need to feel comfortable in any fishing situation. If you're looking for the ultimate blend of elegance, finesse and light weight performance, we believe the new SLT rod blanks are without peer.

XP SERIES - Pick up one of our fast action XP rod blanks, and the first thing you will notice is the almost magical lightness in your hand. Fish an XP, and simply put, it will come alive. Designed for anglers with a quick, compact casting stroke, the XP series rods load quickly, generate tremendous lone speed and pick up large amounts of line with ease. Wind? No problem. Heavy sink tips? Perfect. Bulky flies? Bring'em on. But don't be deceived by the power-XP rods are made with Graphite IIIe giving them exceptional sensitivity for more delicate work as well. Spend a little time with an XP, and you will see why it's the instrument of choice whenever crisp, precise line control is a must. Whether you are sliding a #22 trico on 7X into a distant feeding lane, quick firing hoppers from a bouncing drift boat or tossing industrial strength shooting heads to cruising kings, XP rods are the standard by which all other fast action fly rods are judged.

RPLXi SERIES - Big water. Serious wind. Powerful fish. There is no more challenging environment for a fly rod than saltwater-whether it's stalking skittish bonefish on the flats, throwing lead eye Clousers at busting albacore, or the back breaking tug of war with a sounding billfish. That's why every rod blank in our RPLXi series is specifically designed for the task at hand. OUr exclusive enhanced action taper makes it easy to fire a cast into the teeth of a howling Nor'easter, and slug it out in the trenches with the big boys. At the same time, even the most powerful RPLXi feels light and properly balanced in your hand to reduce fatigue. Because getting there is always an issued, we've designed a series of remarkable 3 and 5 piece rods that give you famous RPLXi action without the typical travel hassles. In short, the RPLXi series rod blanks are the easiest casting, highest performance saltwater fly rod blanks in the world.

TWO HANDED SERIES - Wherever your quest for steelhead or salmon takes you, from the rumbling, glacial rivers of the Pacific Northwest to Quebec, Iceland or Russia, one fact is constantL: you will have to cover a lot of water. OUr Two Handed rod blanks are designed to make long casts and powerful mends easier and more efficient. In other words, you will spend more time fishing effectively and less time stripping line, false casting and snagging streamside brush. We also understand that long casts mean nothing without proper line control which is why our Two Handed rods are without equal when it comes to making precise mends in complex currents. And because you will probably make more than a few casts between fish - not that you're counting - the light, lively feel of a Sage Two-Hander makes each cast and swing a pleasure. Once you try one of our traditional spey-action tapers or faster, European-style rods, you will wonder how you ever fished with a single-hander - or any other two-hander, for that matter.

VPS SERIES - The VPS and VPS Light series rod blanks give you the famous Sage action and high performance at a more affordable price. Designed with a quick loading, medium fast action and made of Graphite III, the VPS series covers a wide range of angling situations from elegant presentations with tiny flies to the knuckle busting power of striper or redfish. For pure lightline applications, the VPS Light rod blanks feature a tippet saving moderate action that is a joy to cast selective fish on smaller waters.


Every Sage rod blank is covered by our lifetime, original owner warranty. REgardless of the cause of damage, Sage will repair or replace the Sage Product while it is still owned by the original owner.

In order to invoke this warranty, the original owner must send to Sage the entire Sage Product, including broken parts or pieces, freight pre-paid and insured to:
SAGE WARRANTY DEPARTMENT, 8500 N.E. DAY ROAD, BAINBRIDGE, WA, 98110. Include a note explaining the problem, and package the Product either in its original packaging, or in packaging affording a equal degree of protection as the original packaging.

Sage reserves the right to determine whether to repair or replace any Sage Product covered by this warranty and the right to replace any discontinued models with current models when necessary. Colors may vary between original and replacements.

For all return shipments within the United States, the original owner will be responsible for a $20.00 fee to cover return shipping, insurance and processing. International customers will be asked to pay the actual shipping and insurance charges.

In an effort to preserve and enhance our fishing resources, Sage encourages all anglers to practice Catch-and-Release. Sage is a proud Sponsor of The Federation of Fly Fishersand Trout Unlimited.