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Fuji Reel Seat Bodies and 'Quik-Lock Foregrips
These new Fuji Foregrips and bodies allow you to customize your rod in a number of different designs. The only limit is your imagination.

Fuji KFPSD 'Quick Lock' Foregrip with Stainless or Gold Hood
For Use With Cork or EVA Grip Material

Stainless Hood
Model # Grip (mm) Total (mm) O.D. (mm)
KFPSD16 49.5 69 20
KFPSD18 53.0 79 22.5
Gold Hood
KFPSD16G 49.5 69 20.5
KFPSD18G 53 79 22.5

Fuji Spinning Reel Seat Body & Casting Trigger
For use with 'Quick Lock' Foregrips

One seat... 2 handles! By installing a trigger - available separately - you now have a custom designed casting handle. Spinning or casting - you can choose the same reel seat. The real seat body can be covered with either cork or EVA materials to create a custom designed handle. The grip can be cut to the specified size and fitted to the body.

Model # Style I.D O.D.
IPS16/B Body 15.2 25.0
IPS16/TR Trigger

Fuji HFPS 'Quik-Lock' Foregrip
For use with Cork or EVA grip material.

Model # Grip (mm) Total (mm) O.D. (mm)
HFPS16N 55.0 62.0 21.0
HFPS17N 55.0 62.0 23.0

Fuji Trigger Reel Seat Body
For Use With Cork or EVA Grip Material

Model # I.D. O.D.
DTPSM16/B 15.0 27.0
TPSM17/B 17.0 27.0
DTPSM18/B 18.0 29.0

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