Rod Building Components and Tackle Resources


PERIGEE -Second/Third Generation Blanks designed by one of the finest Blank designers in the world. Delicate yet durable blanks were designed to give the Custom Rod Builder a series of blanks second to none for those special rods that only a Custom Rod Builder can create. These blanks are not available in finished rods. A durable and translucent Rain Forest Green Finish with a Midas touch of Gold Flake coats these blanks. Beautiful barely describes these blanks and their finish.

TITANIUM/IM700 - THE REVOLUTION STRENGTHENS. In 2000, Lamiglas integrated Titanium with height modulus IM700 graphite. The reviews are in and they're nothing short of phenomenal. These rod blanks are light in weight, high in strength, unparalleled in durability and more sensitive than any other rod ever! The properties of Titanium also include excellent fatigue resistance, positive dampening characteristics and superior corrosion resistance. IM700 Graphite is secured to the titanium with a special aerospace bonding agent creating a rod blank that not only transmits sensitivity more efficiently but also amplifies the most subtle sensations. There are no finer rod blanks for the serious fishing enthusiast.

IMG50 GRAPHITE - THE NEWEST "SUPER" GRAPHITE. Specially designed for our new Esprit series, this new super graphite allows us to make smaller diameter blanks with faster actions. The XMG50 utilizes a blend of high modulus graphite fibers to create a perfectly balanced. Lightweight blank that is more sensitive than anything on the market today. We use this new material in our Esprit Concept Fly Rods, and Esprit Concept Salmon/Steelhead series.

IM700 GRAPHITE - ADVANCED ENGINEERING AND SUPERIOR DESIGN. IM700 is Lamiglas' proprietary rod blank material. This third generation graphite is made of extremely high modulus graphite and produces the ultimate in sensitivity, power, strength and durability. IM700 rod blanks come to you from Lamiglas in a rich black forest green finish with the highest quality components.

CERTIFIED PRO GRAPHITE - REMARKABLY LIGHTER AND STRONGER. Our broadest selection of rod blanks. They employ an all-new smaller diameter blank design with an improved resin system to produce a 15 percent lighter weight rod than comparable graphites on the market. These rod blanks exhibit properties found only in second and third generation graphites. Superior performance at a great price!

G1000 GRAPHITE:- TRADITIONAL, CLASSIC-STYLE ACTION. This is our most distinguished series of rod blanks. We use first generation graphite coupled with an improved resin formula to reduce overall rod blank weight while maintaining "classic" moderately fast actions. This series spans a broad range of actions, line ratings and specialty models to cover most fishing applications.

FIBERGLASS:- E-GLASS EARNED ITS PLACE IN HISTORY. This material is structurally the most durable of the fiberglass family. E-Glass is available in both L rod (light) and H rod (heavy) varieties. The glass properties are expressly matched to each unique application, such as cranking rod blanks for bass, mooching, and downrigger rod blanks for salmon, shark, tuna, stripers and king mackerel. We use the same epoxy resins and composites material technology in these rod blanks as we do in our graphite models to offer you lighter weight and improved sensitivity over other manufacturers fiberglass rod blanks.

"TRI-FLEX" - EXCLUSIVE GRAPHITE/FIBERGLASS COMPOSITE. Features our proprietary Tri-wall construction. Unequaled, high quality E-Glass rod blanks are externally and internally reinforced through the butt and mid portion of the blank with graphite to reduce overall weight by 30-50% depending on the model. The tips are lightening fast and softer so they cast live bait as well as throw heavy iron, while the graphite reinforced portion of the rod blank gives tremendous fish fighting control and lifting power.

S-Glass Blanks:
S-Glass rod blanks are rich Chestnut colored, smooth finished rod blanks that offer the utmost in sensitivity, strength aand lightness of weight. This sophisticated, space-age fiberglass gives you the opportunity to build the finest fiberglass fishing instrument for any fishing experience.

Lamiglas Lifetime Limited Warranty
Lamiglas Inc. warrants all rod blanks for defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the original purchaser. If rod blank repair is necessary, please ship both pieces of the rod at your expense to Lamiglas. If the problem is due to a defect in material or workmanship, the rod blank will be replaced or repaired at our expense. If the rod blank has been misused, we will advise you of the cost of repairs and await your approval prior to proceeding. All remedies and the measure of damages are limited to the above repair and replacement. Consequential and special damages are excluded unless specifically included under various state laws.

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