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Titanium Nitride Snake Guides
Titanium Nitride Snake guides are the ultimate. Not only are they super hard, but beautiful in appearance and also extremely rough. Hard chrome guides have Rockwell hardness of above 60 - Titanium Nitride has a hardness of 90. It has a dark gold color which really enhances the appearance of your custom fly rod. The incredibly durable coating sets a new standard for corrosion and abrasion resistance in a gold plating. In the past, custom fly rod builders requiring gold snake guides have always sacrificed hard chrome's durability in favor of cosmetics. Titanium Nitride snake guides, with their industrial hard chrome undercoat, offer both, as well as superior resistance to saltwater corrosion!

SiC Titanium Nitride Stripper Guides are made to match the Titanium Nitride Snake Guides. SiC ring is diamond polished to the smoothest surface possible among the 'ceramic' types. The ultimate in abrasion, corrosion and thermal shock resistance.

NSNG - Snake Guide
NSNG - Snake Guide

NFT - Fly Tip
NFTL - Large Loop Fly Tip

NTSG 8 - Stripper Guide
NTSG 10 - Stripper Guide
NTSG 12 - Stripper Guide
NTSG 16 - Stripper Guide
NTSG 20 - Stripper Guide