Books and Videos

Books and Videos
Modern Tackle Craft
by C. Boyd Pfeiffer

A huge volume with step by step illustrated instructions on the many varieties of tackle making. Includes how-to instructions on lead molding, lure painting, jig wrapping, spinnerbaits, spoons, plugs, tools, materials, rod building leaders, and much more. Written by one of America's most authoritative and respected outdoor writers. Contains a multitude of information for the beginner to the advanced tackle crafter.


Advanced Custom Rod Building
by Dale P. Clemens

Custom Rod Thread Art
by Dale P. Clemens

Step By Step Rod Building
by Flex Coat


Fundamentals of Weaving
by Cam Clark

If you want to learn how to weave or improve your weaving, this hour-long video takes you through all you need to know to get started and keep going.. Using training aids as well as on the blank samples, Cam Clark (editor of RodCrafters Magazine) shows how to form patterns, create left list, and tricks of the trade for improving your end product. Fantastic how-to video!