Bellinger Fly Reel Seats

Bellinger Fly Reel Seats

Bellinger fly reel seats are one of, if not the finest seats handcrafted in the USA today. These precision made fly reel seats are well worth every dollar paid! Words cannot describe the beauty and detail that is in every Bellinger product. We guarantee these seats to your liking or you may return and receive a complete refund. Try a Bellinger fly seat - we think you'll agree!

Nickel Silver Downlocking
Beautiful nickel silver downlocking fly reel seat with Burl wood is a classic. Fine threads, milled slot, and finishing ring. Length 4", I.D. .375 in.
Model # Wood Insert
DLTBR Redwood Burl
DLTBM Maple Burl
DLTBW Walnut

Nickle Silver Uplocking
Elegant nickle silver uplocking fly reel seat with Burl wood is a classic and is the ultimate fly reel seat for that special fly rod. Fine threads, milled slot. Length 4". I.D. .375 in.

Model # Wood Insert
ULTBR Redwood Burl
ULTBM Maple Burl
ULTBW Walnut

Lightweight Nickle Silver Seat (Downlocking)
Lightweight, elegant nickel silver, downlocking, slide band and butt retainer reel seat is perfect for those shorter, lightweight fly rods. Length 3-1/2". I.D. .375 in.
Model # Wood Insert
DLSBR Redwood Burl
DLSBM Maple Burl
DLSBW Walnut

Heavy Duty Saltwater Fly Seats
Black anodized aluminum, heavy duty saltwater fly seat has delrin hood liners for positive locking of reel foot. There is an 'O' ring in between the two threaded locking rings for an even more ensured positive lock. Lenght 4-1/8". I.D. .565 in.

Model #

Fighting Butts (For ULSW Reel Seats)
Fighting butts for ULSW seat come in two styles. SWFBA is assembled with cork body and rubber mushroom butt cap.
SWFB is metal shaft and end cap that allow you to use your own preferred materials with assembly.
Model #