American Tackle Fly Reel Seats

American Tackle Fly Reel Seats
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American Tackle fly reel seats feature high-strength anodized aluminum hardware that is as strong as it is beautiful, and knurling that is both functional anddecorative. The reel seats comply to AAFTA standards so you can be assured that the reel seats will fit any reel madein compliance with the standard. American Tackle fly reelseats are available in titanium or black finish (other colorsand wood options to be offered soon).

Fly Reel Seats

Model Finish Wood Insert
3ULT-201 Titanium Bloodwood
3ULT-205 Titanium Rosewood
3ULT-208 Titanium Kingwood
3ULT-220 Titanium Maple
3ULT-221 Titanium Pink Wood
3ULT-229 Titanium Burl Rosewood


Fighting Butts & Caps

Fits all 3UL and graphite reel seats. Threaded aluminum insert with rubber O-Ring, cork bodyand black rubber (AF2M) or EVA foam cap (AF2 and AF5). Includes an aluminum mounting plug(AFBP) and a removable fighting butt. Matching (AFBC) TiChrome or Black plug is available.Removable AFBC cap fits the mounting plug when fighting butt is not in use.

Model Finish Length
mm (Inch)
AF2M-T Titanium 2.0 26 (1.04)
AF2-T Titanium 2.0 40 (1.58)
AF5-T Titanium 5.0 40 (1.58)
AFBC-T Titanium - -
AFBP-T Titanium - -

Aluminum Fly Reel Seats

Our ALRS black anodized aluminum reel seat comes with a milled body, two rings, one machinedhood and an optional fighting butt. This seat has a superb black matte anodized finish. Highquality for a surprising price.

Model Style Color
Size O.D. Length
ALRS-16 Machined Alum.
Two Rings No Cap
Black 16 mm 3/4" 4 1/8"
ALRS-16B Machined Alum.
W/Fight Butt & Dble Nuts
Black 16 mm 3/4" 4 1/8"